What makes BASIS charter schools stand out?

What makes BASIS.ed stand out?

Superior outcomes

The average BASIS charter school student out performs the typical U.S. student—they also score higher than their global peers in Shanghai, Finland, and Singapore.

Expertise and enthusiasm

BASIS charter school teachers have degrees in their fields, many have advanced degrees, but not necessarily a teaching license. What they must have is the energy to spark interest in their classroom.

Challenging curriculum

To help prepare students for today's workforce, The BASIS Curriculum teaches students two skills that are essential to problem solving - organization and time management.

A culture of purpose

Because we foster personal responsibility, BASIS charter school students come to class prepared and eager to learn. Teachers spend less time organizing and more time teaching.

A collaborative community

BASIS charter school teachers and managers are a community of smart, talented and interesting people. They constantly share ideas to improve the education they deliver to students.

Freedom, growth, pride

BASIS charter school teachers are constantly expanding their subject matter knowledge and classroom skills. They also look for ways to inspire their students and create lasting impacts.

Find your passion

Primary School Teaching

BASIS charter primary schools are revolutionizing elementary education by incorporating two key aspects from the widely successful BASIS.ed 5-12 curriculum: Subject Expertise and Student Focused Development.

Middle/Upper School Teaching

BASIS charter school middle and upper schools offer an accelerated 5th – 12th grade science and liberal arts curriculum that is among the most interesting and rigorous in the country.

School Management and Administrators

The success our BASIS charter schools are renowned for is a direct result of the culture established by the commitment of our School Managers.

Central Office

The BASIS.ed Central Office provides IT, Finance, Design, Recruiting, HR and other functional support to our top rated schools.

Non-Teaching School Staff

BASIS charter school teams offer an incredible opportunity to be deeply involved in an academic community that is dynamic and exciting.

Marketing & Student Recruitment

Become an ambassador for education by helping us to grow our enrollment and advance our mission at BASIS.ed.