Who We Are

Male teacher sitting outside on steps

Managing Educational Excellence

BASIS Ed is an educational management organization that provides comprehensive management services to all BASIS Charter Schools.

We provide centralized support services to our schools. These services include human resources, finance and accounting, marketing, operations, and IT. In addition, we oversee, implement and manage the BASIS Charter School Curriculum and its related assessments and training processes. With our support, BASIS Charter Schools achieve consistently outstanding student outcomes.

Our Mission

At BASIS Ed, our mission is to provide our students with a transformative K–12 education. We utilize the cutting-edge BASIS Charter School Curriculum, exceptional teaching, and a faculty mentoring program to produce graduates with broad intellectual capabilities, international perspectives, critical thinking proficiency and creative problem-solving skills. We prepare our graduates to be leaders in their future academic and professional lives.

Our Values

Set the bar higher

Children can achieve more than they have commonly been told. With hard work, dedication, and the support of teachers and parents, third graders can think critically, sixth graders can learn physics and high school students can read critical theory and philosophy.

Use time wisely

Instructional time is precious. Every minute of every class should be meaningful.

Build strong foundations

Mastering the basics is the precondition for going beyond them. If students are to learn to listen for Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter and decipher crucial details in a historical primary source, they must first be able to parse the grammar of a sentence and craft concise and persuasive prose.

Practice is productive

Homework—as long as it is an extension of what is being learned in the classroom—is valuable. Practice helps students achieve mastery.

Performance matters

High-stakes, summative tests that assess content mastery and learning skills (for example, BASIS Curriculum Comprehensive Exams and the College Board Advanced Placement Exams) are foundational for learning.

Measure thoughtfully

The evaluation of teacher performance must be based both on classroom instruction and on students’ results from high-stakes assessments.