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Our teachers are the foundation of our students’ success. We hire teachers who are passionate about the subjects they teach and are ready to extend that enthusiasm to their students. Our teachers support one another and work together as a team to ensure students are receiving high quality, globally competitive education.

Types of Teaching Positions

Subject Expert Teacher

Subject Expert Teachers (SETs) specialize in a particular area of interest. SETs use their passion for their subjects to inspire students while teaching them at a higher level than what is typically expected for each grade level. From grades 1–3, SETs co-teach with a Learning Expert Teacher. From grades 4 onward, SETs are the primary instructors for their course.

Learning Expert Teacher

Present in grades 1–3 classrooms, Learning Expert Teachers (LETs) are specialists in pedagogy. They monitor students’ academic progress and support their socioemotional growth. LETs accompany their students from class to class, co-teaching with the Subject Expert Teachers and providing differentiated instruction to students.
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Kindergarten Expert Teacher

Kindergarten Expert Teachers lead our kindergarten classrooms and are responsible for delivering engaging lessons to their students. Our kindergarten program is primarily self-enclosed, meaning that students remain in one classroom throughout the school day. The Kindergarten Expert Teacher works collaboratively with a Teaching Fellow to co-teach all core subjects.

Kindergarten Teaching Fellow

Kindergarten Teaching Fellows assist with all aspects of lessons and learning in our kindergarten classrooms, working under the mentorship of the Kindergarten Expert Teacher. They build and maintain a positive learning environment for our students.

What Our Teachers Say

What Makes a Career With BASIS Ed Different?

Freedom and Flexibility

Our teachers are trusted with the flexibility they need to maximize student engagement. Share your passion how you see fit, and bring new ideas and content into the classroom.

Academic Culture

We are passionate about inspiring a love of learning in our students. In all of our schools, we have built a culture that values hard work and intellectual pursuits.

Student Engagement

Our students are highly engaged, willing to work hard, and love to ask questions. You will have the opportunity to spark students’ interest and build on their curiosity.

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