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BASIS Baton Rouge

BASIS Baton Rouge will open in the fall of 2018 and serve grades K-6. We are proud to partner with Woman’s Hospital for this first BASIS campus in Baton Rouge.

The mission of BASIS Charter Schools is to empower students to achieve at globally competitive levels with a transformative K-12 academic program. Here are some little-known facts about us:

  1. We are well known for our strong STEM subjects but we are equally passionate about our robust liberal arts program too!
  2. Our students have some of the top scores in the world, and they also are among the happiest.
  3. We believe that exercising the body is just as important as exercising the mind.
  4. We have a wide range of music, drama and visual arts classes for all students.
  5. Language instruction is a complement to our students’ studies in other disciplines.
  6. Anyone can attend a tuition-free, public charter school. The only requirement at BASIS is that our students are passionate about learning and willing to work hard.

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Thoughts from our teachers

The culture at BASIS.ed allows me to optimize my teaching time. With the support of the LET (learning expert teacher), I feel that I can get the most out of every minute of class time. And I feel like I'm really TEACHING.

Donna Merchant
Subject Expert Teacher

I worked in a public school for five years, and left because I felt frustrated I was told to do things in my classroom that I did not feel were the best use of my students' precious time. Today, my students are fully engaged in learning from bell to bell.

Alison Sterling
Learning Expert Teacher