We believe it’s our job to provide students with superior choices.That goes for our teachers and managers too.

A Community Devoted to Success

As part of the BASIS Curriculum Schools network, BASIS.ed provides academic and support services to tuition-free public charter schools in Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, and Washington D.C. Together, BASIS.ed and BASIS Curriculum Schools, provide a challenging and growth inspiring education that prepares students for success at the world’s top universities.

Work with the Best and Enjoy Teaching Again

BASIS charter schools ask for more from their students, teachers and managers. In return, BASIS.ed gives more back—more autonomy, responsibility and collaboration for teachers and managers, leading to better academic performance and options for students.

What makes BASIS charter schools unique?

Our teachers are subject experts and passionate educators.

BASIS Curriculum teachers have degrees in their fields, many have advanced degrees, but not necessarily a teaching license. What they must have is the energy to spark interest in their classroom.

Our schools are among the best in the world.

The average BASIS Curriculum student not only outperforms the typical U.S. student, they also score higher than their global peers in Shanghai, Finland, and Singapore.

Our curriculum fuels creative thinking and problem solving.

We provide an accelerated and challenging curriculum to help prepare students for today's workforce.