BASIS Educational Group Jobs: Overview

At the core of BASIS.ed's educational vision is a belief that it is our job to provide our students with superior choices. That goes for our teachers and school managers, too!

BASIS.ed is currently seeking teachers who want to work in a highly social and uniquely collaborative environment.

We are looking for teachers who:

  • Are passionate about their subjects and the learning experience of students
  • Are hungry to become value-adding staff members who give students access to an education they might otherwise never have
  • Are eager to join a high-energy, high-performing team that provides real responsibility and leadership opportunities
  • Are ready for this challenge right now

What makes BASIS.ed unique?

Our schools are among the best in the world.

The average BASIS.ed student not only outperforms the typical U.S. student, they also score higher than their global peers in Shanghai, Finland, and Singapore—countries and regions which are noted for having the best education in the world.

Our teachers are subject experts and passionate educators.

BASIS.ed teachers have degrees in their field, many have advanced degrees, but don't necessarily have a teaching license. Since many have spent their adult lives studying a subject they love, they're passionate about what they teach. It's that passion that inspires students to overcome challenges, grasp new concepts and love learning.

Our curriculum fuels creative thinking and problem solving.

We provide an accelerated and rigorous curriculum to help prepare students for today's workforce. Each grade focuses on building two core skills: the organization of complex tasks and the productive management of limited time.

We motivate students to reach their highest potential and prepare them for the demands of further education, a rewarding career and global citizenship.

What makes working for BASIS.ed special?

Teachers encounter students who are eager to learn.

The student culture at BASIS.ed fosters academic achievement, personal responsibility, intellect and individuality. Our teachers use interactive lessons to build relationships and boost student confidence when dealing with complex material. Students come to class better prepared and more eager to learn. Teachers spend less time organizing and more time teaching.

Demonstrate your passion; experience more autonomy in the classroom.

You have deep subject expertise, which allows you to bring your passion and enthusiasm to the classroom. Show your students what is uniquely intriguing about your subject, while enjoying the autonomy to determine how you teach a subject to incite student interest.

Work with exceptional peers.

BASIS.ed teachers are a community of smart, talented and interesting people who are passionate about their work. They're experts in their fields and are constantly collaborating to improve the standard of education they deliver to their students.

Stay challenged.

You'll be teaching higher level content to students who seek more insight and understanding. That means you'll expand your own knowledge, skills and achievements to enhance your lessons and feed their minds.

Make a difference in American education.

Witnessing your students achieve high levels of academic success will be a source of pride. The direct results of your efforts will forever impact the lives and careers of those you teach. Be a part of redefining education in America.

Join a professional teaching community.

You'll work with collegial staff with shared educational philosophy, adequate resources necessary to teach, and a supportive parent community. School managers support our teachers by minimizing administrative duties and classroom interruptions. You'll spend more time, where you should be, in a classroom with students.

BASIS Educational Group Jobs


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