Careers in
Primary School Teaching

A Better Approach to Primary School Teaching

Some revolutionary differences jump out at people new to the extremely successful BASIS.ed Primary School system. For example, our approach calls for two teachers in each classroom, and we incorporate key aspects of our secondary school curriculum.

That means that in each grade 1-4 classroom, instruction is conducted by both a Subject Expert Teacher (SET) and a Learning Expert Teacher (LET).

It also means that primary students walk from subject to subject between classes as they do in typical middle schools. That makes their transition to our academically challenging middle school program that much easier.

BASIS.ed results speak for themselves: our students excel, our teachers love their jobs.

Subject Expert Teacher (SET)

As a SET, you’ll spend your time and energy on the one subject you are most knowledgeable and passionate about. You’ll prepare one subject-focused lesson for each grade rather than 4 or 5 lessons every day. The LET will be assisting with classroom management and student differentiation so your students are engaged and on task 100% of the time. While driven by the BASIS.ed core curriculum, SETs are given the freedom to do what they do best: inspire a love of learning in every child.

Learning Expert Teacher (LET)

As a LET, you’ll work with one section (maximum of 30 students) and travel with your class from subject to subject, guiding them through the school day. Because LETs spend the most time with each student, your role is to analyze their achievement and teach them the skills necessary for academic and personal development, including study and organizational habits, critical thinking, and social interaction standards. By leaving subject lesson preparation and instruction to a SET, you’ll have time to focus on highly individualized learning strategies and assisting with classroom management.

Training for New BASIS.ed Teachers

As a new BASIS.ed teacher, you'll receive intensive training in the summer before you start through our BASIS.ed Institute. There you'll learn about our innovative curriculum and how BASIS.ed schools inspire—and achieve—academic excellence.

Also during your first year, you’ll participate in a peer-mentoring program lead by seasoned teachers and on-site managers. Plus, we invite all BASIS.ed teachers to collaborate and share best practices through our social network, BASIS.ed Connect.

Thoughts from our teachers

The culture at BASIS.ed allows me to optimize my teaching time. With the support of the LET (learning expert teacher), I feel that I can get the most out of every minute of class time. And I feel like I'm really TEACHING.

Donna Merchant
Subject Expert Teacher

I worked in a public school for five years, and left because I felt frustrated I was told to do things in my classroom that I did not feel were the best use of my students' precious time. Today, my students are fully engaged in learning from bell to bell.

Alison Sterling
Learning Expert Teacher